Situazione in Egitto


Strasburgo, 13 mar. 2013


Pino Arlacchi (S&D ). - Mr President, I have heard many colleagues speaking about Egypt and how the Arab Spring is turning into an Islamic winter. I do not agree with their view. This bleak analysis is based on an incorrect understanding of the driving forces at hand in Egypt and elsewhere and on unrealistic expectations of a smooth and quick transition. The mistake is to focus exclusively on the strength and intentions of Egyptian Islamists vis-à-vis the secularists. I am convinced instead that the democratisation of Egypt will depend more on the quality of institution-building than on the so-called ‘Islamist factor’. Therefore, instead of fretting over Islamists, we need to have a deeper conception of a political transition in Egypt and we should strive to bolster institutions and economic reform. I believe that what the EU has done until now is quite correct and deserves the support of Parliament.



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