Report on EU external policies in favour of democratisation


Thursday, 7 July 2011 - Strasbourg

Explanations of vote:

Report Véronique De Keyser

Pino Arlacchi (S&D ), in writing . − I voted in favour of this report for its innovative point of view and because it calls on all EU institutions to use the dialogues for the partnership agreement in a more coherent manner. I fully support the proposal for the establishment of a forum bringing together national parliaments and the European Parliament to consider foreign policy issues, particularly on sensitive subjects such as human rights and democracy.

The events unfolding in North Africa and the Middle East have proven the limitations of a focus on security and stability, which has failed to reduce poverty and social injustice. ‘Security versus democracy’ is a false dilemma, as we all know there can be no human security within a society without a democratic and accountable government. I strongly believe that the fight against inequalities has to become an essential objective of the Union’s external policy and that the European Parliament must supervise these aspects more closely. For all these reasons, as underlined by this report, the Council and Commission must involve the European Parliament in every stage of the negotiation, conclusion, application and suspension of international agreements with third countries.



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